SDH Transport and Multiplexing

The SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) is a standard technology for synchronous data transmission on optical media that is highly popular and used for its high speed data transfer of the telecommunication and digital signals. This synchronous system has been specially designed in order to provide a simple and flexible network infrastructure. This system has brought a considerable amount of change in the telecommunication networks that were based on the optical fibers as far as performance and cost were concerned.Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, the SDH also has various management capabilities such as performance management, security and access management, configuration management and the event or the alarm management. So, we can clearly make a distinction between the PDH and SDH systems so that as per the needs of the telecommunication, the appropriate transmission system can be used.We offer solutions based on fiber optic networking products dedicated to the telecommunication operators as well as to the operational telecommunication departments of metros, lightrails, oil & gas, mining, ITS (intelligent highways, tunnels & bridges), ports, public utility companies etc.Our offered solutions envisions telecommunication networking infrastructure as a high-performing business asset that enables our customers to achieve their technical and business goals.SDH uses the following Synchronous Transport Modules (STM) and rates: STM-1 (155 megabits per second), STM-4 (622 Mbps), STM-16 (2.5 gigabits per second), and STM-64 (10 Gbps).SDH networks can be configured as point-to-point links, linear configurations, mesh topologies or rings and multi-ring topologies.The evolution of the telecommunication networks and enormous growth in data traffic increase the importance of the network protection design. Telecom network operators strive to deploy their networks such that it is cost-effective and resilient against failures. Among several technologies, SDH and WDM networks play an important role. Both networks can be used independently or multi-layer solutions can be used for obtaining solutions with better performance.For more details about the products and solutions please don’t hesitate to contact us: : 0731.33.90.42